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What's our rate? How about 0%? At 99 Merchant Account, you pay Wholesale Interchange Rates Plus Zero Basis Points.  We pass-through Wholesale Rates from Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

99 Merchant Account provides a transparent billing process that allows businesses to see exactly what they are paying for. Most credit card processors charge rates that include markups and hidden fees on top of the wholesale rate. It’s confusing and it’s meant to be.

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Do You Know How Much You're Paying Per Swipe?

One of the most prevalent mistakes made by small businesses is to overlook their bill for credit and debit card transactions. It's easy to do and results in an entirely avoidable loss of revenue.

A lot of it comes down to confusion regarding the fees associated with card use. If you’re like many business owners, the amount you pay for card transactions probably has a rate associated with different types of cards and a number of items that are included in that rate, such as PCI certification, IRS fee, membership fee, etc.

The bottom line is, it’s not clear what exactly you’re paying for when a customer swipes their card. All that’s clear is that a certain percentage of the sale is being taken away from you and given to the company that processes the transaction

What is the Wholesale or Interchange Rate?

The wholesale rate, or the interchange rate, is the baseline fee charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex that is applied to every card use. The fee varies based on the type of card used. For example, the rate is different for debit cards versus credit cards, retail versus ecommerce, and rewards versus non-rewards. Even the type of product that is being purchased affects the rate. The interchange rate is something that you can’t change and is going to be added to any purchase regardless of the card processor being used.

Why don't businesses just pay the interchange rate?

When businesses agree on a rate presented by a salesmen, they aren't agreeing to terms set by MasterCard or Visa. Instead , they are agreeing to the rate set by the card processor. The problem is most ISO's lump the interchange rate with their own rate, which includes markups and hidden fees, making the final rate a confusing bundle of charges. The trick, then, is to find the ISO  with the most reasonable rate.

 No-Risk 90 Day Guarantee


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