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The wholesale rate, or the interchange rate, is the baseline fee charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex that is applied to every card use. The fee varies based on the type of card used. For example, the rate is different for debit cards versus credit cards, retail versus eCommerce, and rewards versus non-rewards. Even the type of product that is being purchased affects the rate.

The interchange rate is something that you can’t change and is going to be added to any purchase regardless of who pays for the fees. 

cash discount pricing

The problem is that most card processors lump the wholesale rate with their own rate, which includes markups and hidden fees, making the final rate a confusing bundle of charges. At 99 Merchant Account,  we have two great programs to help alleviate the high expenses associated with credit card processing! 

Our Interchange Plus Zero Program for merchants we add ZERO Mark-UP to the True Cost Interchange. We simply charge a  Flat Fee for your credit card terminal and pass-through Visa/MasterCard fees directly to you.  

We also offer  Cash Discount Pricing  which enables your business to pass 100% of Credit Card Processing fees by offering a Cash Discount. This has become the fastest adopted pricing in 2017! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jose AcevedoSwedish Motor Cars

I knew I was paying too much in credit card fees but after a few years of switching around with false promises I gave up. I am glad I switched one last time because I am now saving on average over $200 a month.  

​Jose Acevedo

Swedish Motor Cars ​

​Tampa, Florida

Bakar CFix-to-Go 

Valerie I can't Thank you enough for helping me after being tricked by another company. All they made were false promises plus charged my account upfront.  My bill is about $150  less on average per month and we are processing even more!  

Bakar Chokri


Tampa, Florida​

Marco ZMarco's Salon

Valerie is easy to work with. Easy to Sign up too. The fees were simple and straightforward.

Marco Zonni

Marco's Salon

Tampa, Florida​


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