Don’t Overpay for e-commerce card transactions

cheap e-commerce fees

As an online business, getting the best rates on card transactions is very important, as almost all of your online business comes from credit and debit cards. Because these transactions are not face-to-face, higher interchange rates are charged by credit card companies to deal with the increased risk.

As a reminder, interchange rates are the wholesale rates that Visa and MasterCard apply to card transactions and they are different for each card. However, they are the same for all credit card processors.

This means that paying the least for card transactions comes down paying the least amount to your card processing company. Many card processing companies will charge extra rates on top of the interchange rate to increase their profit, often using hidden pricing systems such as tiered pricing and bait and switch tactics.

Paying the least comes down to finding the lowest rate on top of the interchange rate.

How does 0% sound? That’s right, how about paying only the interchange rate for e-commerce transactions? At 99 Merchant Account, you won’t be charged extra rates for card transactions. Instead, you will pay exactly what is listed by credit card companies, giving you wholesale rates and transparent billing.

Don’t be fooled by fixed rates, which are somehow below interchange rates. I can promise you that you won’t actually be paying those rates. Instead, sign up with 99 Merchant Account and start saving today.

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